is a conference providing opportunities to spread the use of the Python programming language in the Scientific Computing community in India. It provides a unique opportunity to interact with the "Who's who" of the Python for Scientific Computing fraternity and learn, understand, participate and contribute what is happening in the realms of Scientific Computing using Python. Attendees of the conference and participants of the sprints planned will be able to access and review the tools available, apart from learning domain-specific applications and how the tools apply to a plethora of application problems.
One of the goals of the conference is to combine education, engineering, and science with computing through the medium of Python and thereby extrapolate on how powerful Scientific Computing is in various fields and among different communities.

Theme for Conference talks - "Scientific Python in Action" with respect to Application and Teaching

This conference is jointly organized by "Free/Open source Software in Science and Engineering Education" (FOSSEE) project under the National Mission on Education (NME) through Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), SPACE-Kerala , Kerala State IT Mission (KSITM) and SIG-FOSS of CSI. SPACE-Kerala is helping coordinate and organize the conference.
The conference is proposed to be held at the Technopark in Trivandrum, keeping in mind accessibility, the number of attendees and the location, among other aspects to be considered.

Its a 6-day program between December 12--17, 2009, comprising of 2 days of conference, 2 days of tutorials with 2 parallel tracks (one specifically for teachers and the other for the general public), and 2 days of Sprints.

Saturday, Dec. 12 2009Conference
Sunday, Dec. 13 2009Conference
Monday, Dec. 14 2009Tutorials
Tuesday, Dec. 15 2009Tutorials
Wednesday, Dec. 16 2009Sprint
Thursday, Dec. 17 2009Sprint