Invited Speakers

Dr. Ondrej Certik is a scientist at Los Alamos National Laboratory. He holds a PhD in Chemical Physics from University of Nevada, Reno. Dr. Ondrej is the lead developer of SymPy library and has major contributions to NumPy and other python libraries. He has been active debian user since 2001 and is an offical team member of Debian Python Modules Team (DPMT), Python Applications Packaging Team (PAPT) & Debian Scientific Computing Team (pkg-scicomp).

Dr. B. P. Ajith Kumar, a scientist working with the Inter University accelerator Centre of India. His main area of work is development of instrumentation for particle accelerators and associated experiments, including radio-frequency accelerating structures, control and data acquisition systems, digital and radio frequency electronics modules. He initiated the PHOENIX project by designing a parallel port based interface and organized a training program for teachers in 2005, and continuing with it. Dr. Ajith Kumar has been a user and propagator of Free Software in the field of education for several years.