2011 Tutorial Schedule

Day 3

09:00-11:00Puneeth ChagantiGit/Github + NumPy/SciPy/MPL basics
11:00-13:00Emmanuelle GouillartImage processing using NumPy, SciPy and scikits-image
14:00-15:00Ole NielsenMapping and Geoprocessing with Python
15:00-18:00Gael VaroquauxMachine learning with scikit-learn

Day 4

09:00-11:00Mateusz PaprockiSymPy
11:00-13:00Eric JonesTraits + Traits UI
14:00-16:00Prabhu Ramachandran and Gael VaroquauxMayavi for 3D visualization
16:00-17:00Puneeth ChagantiSage introduction/tutorial
17:00-18:00Pankaj Pandey and Prabhu RamachandranAn introduction to Cython

Intended audience

This conference is targeted at anyone who uses Python for work in science/engineering/technology/education. This includes college and university teachers/professors/lecturers from any Engineering or Science domain, students of engineering/science/education who would like to use Python for their basic computing and plotting needs, researchers who use or would like to use Python for their research, and corporate users of Python for scientific computing.



Puneeth Chaganti, Git/Github + NumPy/SciPy/MPL basics (2 hrs)

Emmanuelle Gouillart, Image processing using NumPy, SciPy and scikits-image (2 hrs)

Gael Varoquaux, Machine learning with scikit-learn (3 hrs)

Mateusz Paprocki, SymPy (2 hrs)

Ole Nielsen: Mapping and Geoprocessing with Python (1 hr)

Eric Jones: Traits + Traits UI (2 hrs)

Prabhu Ramachandran and Gael Varoquaux, Mayavi for 3D visualization (2 hrs)

Puneeth Chaganti, Sage introduction/tutorial: (1 hr)

Pankaj Pandey and Prabhu Ramachandran, An introduction to Cython (1 hrs)