Python for Education and Scientific Computing

Python is an interpreted, interactive, object-oriented, open source, extensible programming language. It combines clarity and readability, making it an extremely powerful language that can be used for various applications and problems.

Python is simple and easy to learn and apply. It offers an interactive environment in which to explore procedural, functional and object oriented approaches to problem solving. Its high level data structures, extensive documentation and clear syntax make it an ideal first language, while the large number of existing libraries make it suitable to tackle almost any programming tasks. Its simplicity makes it easy to adapt to multiple educational domains.

Python has several libraries that enable numeric and symbolic computing. It also interfaces well with native codes in C,C++ and FORTRAN and has excellent libraries for plotting/visualization. Python also provides libraries for general purpose computing including generating user interfaces and web development. These coupled with it's interactive interpreter make Python an excellent language for Scientific Computing.

All these features when combined with their wide-ranging applications make Python a perfect fit for use in Education, Industry and Scientific Computing.

Why Python?

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Scope of the conference is a conference providing opportunities to spread the use of the Python programming language in the Scientific Computing community in India. It provides a unique opportunity to interact with the "Who's who" of the Python for Scientific Computing fraternity and learn, understand, participate, and contribute to Scientific Computing using Python. Attendees of the conference and participants of the sprints planned will be able to access and review the tools available. They will also be able to learn domain-specific applications and how the tools apply to a plethora of application problems.

One of the goals of the conference is to combine education, engineering, and science with computing through the medium of Python. This conference also aims to spread the use of Python for Scientific Computing in various fields and among different communities.