Intended audience

This conference is targeted at anyone who uses Python for work in science/engineering/technology/education. This includes college and university teachers/professors/lecturers from any Engineering or Science domain, students of engineering/science/education who would like to use Python for their basic computing and plotting needs, researchers who use or would like to use Python for their research, and corporate users of Python for scientific computing.




Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Any participants using their own laptops should have the required software installed on their machines, before coming to the venue of the tutorials. The installation instructions are available here.


Laptops can be brought by participants, and additional laptops/computers can be provided for use for those required. Charging points will be available.

As far as installations go, you would require the following:

In any case, we will be providing live DVDs containing all the required installations and some additional tools on site. The iso can also be downloaded from the fossee.in site (http://fossee.in/download#DVDs).