Speaker Tips

If you are a speaker at SciPy India 2011, here are a few tips that might be handy.

Session Setup
Please arrive at the venue(VMCC Hall) at least 30 minutes in advance to prepare for the talk. This may also help you to get a feel of the venue and the audience.

Plan B
All participants will be provided Wi-Fi access. But you are requested to have a Plan B for Internet, in case things go wrong; which usually happens at every conferences. We don't want this to disrupt your talk.

Timing is Everything
Please have a final look at the schedule and make sure of the length of your talk. We would suggest you to keep a buffer of at least 3 mins for Q & A from the audience. Make sure that you don't run out of the allotted time. If you need reminders, Volunteers can aid you.

Help Abounds
Need help? Look out for the friendly organizers or folks(who would be wearing a blue tag) for any assistance. Just contact Kiran Kishore(07702455566) or Parth Buch(9619606610) if you don't find anyone immediately.

Rehearse, Rehearse, Rehearse!
We know this goes without saying, reiterating this step would help in more ways than imagineable.

Looking forward to seeing to you at the conference.

Snake Charmer