2011 Sprint Schedule

Day 5, Thursday, December 8th, 2011


  1. Changing Mayavi/TVTK to use VTK's "new" pipeline.
    • Mayavi currently uses VTK's old pipeline structure and this is to be deprecated in future VTK releases. This is important for the future of Mayavi.
    • See here
    • This change will be invasive and will require a fair bit of work. You will need to know VTK fairly well and also Traits and Mayavi.
    • Documentation on Traits, Mayavi and Envisage are available from here

  2. Improving PyQt/PySide support.
    • Mayavi's support for PyQt/Pyside is not tested and doesn't work properly. We will try to fix this if time permits. Requires knowledge of TraitsUI and PyQt/PySide.

Intended audience

These sprint sessions are for those who already have a through knowledge about the given topics and are willing to contribute to open source projects.

Please contact Puneeth <puneeth [at]> or Pankaj <pankaj [at]> to register and know more about the sessions